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VUT Agriculture Census 2007

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1 Jan 2007

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The Agriculture Census 2007 was the third undertaken in Vanuatu for the purpose of compiling information on agriculture, forestry and fisheries resources. Data collected will be used to formulate plans, policies and programs for the development and improvement of these sectors. This census was conducted by the Vanuatu National Statistics Office (VNSO), a centralized organization mainly responsible for the collection and dissemination of important statistics in the country by means of censuses of population, agriculture, household income and expenditure surveys, business surveys, collection of imports and exports data, etc.

However, owing to limited resources, the VNSO cannot accommodate requests for extra data needed by other government and private sectors: hence, these data may have to be collected independently. Agricultural statistics in Vanuatu are produced in two ways: through census/survey and through administrative records.
The census/survey provides baseline or benchmark information for planners and policymakers while the data from administrative records are used to keep track of changes and development in specific aspects of agriculture.


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